How quickly can you be with us?

We have an experienced pest controller in your area. We aim to be able to solve your problem on the same day. All of our vans are equipped with tracking tech that allows us to give you a precise ETA.

Do you deal with businesses?

Yes we deal with both domestic and business pest control contract work all the time and are happy to discuss your needs with us and provide a quote for on-going work.

Are there any pests you don't deal with?

We can deal with any pest related problem. In the case of certain specialist pest control work, forward booking may be required.

Are you Qualified?

Yes all our technicians are highly qualified. Certificates can be presented upon request.

Are your staff Access N.I checked?

Yes, our technicians are all Police checked as we work with Nurseries, Primary & Post Primary Schools & vulnerable adults.

Do you hold public liability insurance?

Yes, we hold £10 million Public Liability Insurance.

Do your staff wear uniforms?

Yes, the technicians wear our black & red uniforms & all carry identification.

Are your vehicles marked?

We operate both marked and unmarked vehicles.

I see the company is "Accredited", what does that mean?

It means that our company adheres to a higher standard. The audit process that we as a company undertake guarantees the professionalism, conduct & assurance that our work is carried out to the highest possible standard.

What is a certified field biologist?

A CFB has a pivotal role when managing pest control provisions within food manufacturing sites audited by third parties. A field biologist will provide technical expertise, manage customers, provide service appraisals & help ensure compliance.

How long do mice live?

Mice have a life expectancy of 18 months to two years.

What do rodents eat?

Rodents are omnivorous and mice and rats are not fussy eaters. In the wild, they will typically eat seed, grains and fruit, but if the rodents are in your home, they will gnaw away at almost anything they can find. Dry foods like cereals are easy targets, but both rats and mice will be indiscriminate when it comes to sustenance. Don’t be surprised to see evidence of rodents around bins and waste food – this is a common factor in the initial attraction of mice and rats to your home in the first place.

How many babies do rodents have?

Both rat and mouse litters can be large, typically averaging around 5-8 babies per litter for mice, and 6-11 for rats. These figures can be larger, stretching to 15 and 20 in some cases, and this will quickly add up with multiple litters a year due to a short gestation period of 21-24 days. Because of this, rodent infestations can be extensive and persistent.

Norway Rat House Mouse
Sexually mature 12-16 weeks 5-6 weeks
Gestation period 21-24 days 19-20 days
Litter Size 6-11 5-8
Weaning Period 3-4 weeks 21-23 days

How dirty are rats and mice?

While commonly seen as unhygienic animals, rats and mice are actually very clean, spending a lot of time grooming themselves and their babies. They will also be meticulous when it comes to nursing an injured member of the group and generally looking after one another.

Will rodents in my home make me ill/sick?

While very clean animals, rats and mice infesting a property can carry germs and diseases picked up from other sources – such as sewers or food from rubbish bins. These can be spread through urine or droppings, or from any ticks or fleas they might have picked up along the way.

Do rodents bite?

They can (like all wild animals), but they rarely do, They tend to avoid humans.

How much does pest control for rats and mice cost?

There is no “one price fits all”. It varies depending on the location & level of infestation. However all of our rates are extremely competitive. You can contact us for more information or click here to request a quote.

How do I know if I have bedbugs?

Telltale signs are mould-like spotting on Bed Frames, Headboards etc. This is actually bedbug poo (your blood). Bites to exposed limbs can also be indicative of a bedbug infestation.

How do I know if there is fleas in my home?

You will usually suffer bites from the knees down. Infestations can occur after loss of a pet (host animal).

How much does pest control for insects cost?

Insect treatments can prove costly, again depending on level of infestations. However treatments will only be carried out after positive ID of insect.

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